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Anatomy recommended by Fiona Beckett in The Guardian, as part of her 'Cider Revolution'


Anatomy recommended by Female Original


Anatomy reviewed by The Cider Review

Gateway reviewed by The Cider Review

Gateway reviewed by The Cider Review


Interview by Molly Coydre in her article "The new wave of fine ciders serving as wine and champagne alternatives". 


ICC 2023_Bronze.png

Best 2021

SO BCMAward SILVER '23.png

Silver Breakthrough Cidermaker award for Best 2021

"Clean very good cider, classic method traditionelle mouse, tight bubbles and unmistakable on-lees nose. An incredibly stylish cider, green apple, gentle subtle tannin and clean elegant vinous finish. Not an alternative to ordinary champagne, a step-up." (Judging panel comments).

Bath & West Cider Competition

Bath & West Cider Competition 2023

Best 2021: Bronze


Bath & West Cider Competition 2022

Anatomy 2017: Bronze

Anatomy 2018: Bronze

Gateway 2019: Bronze


'Fabulously sophisticated and elegant: here we have wonderful, layered aromas of fresh yeast and green apple with sweet vanilla spice. The nose gives way to a complex, autolytic palate, revealing delightful Champagne-like flavours of fresh pastry, butter and biscuit. Heavenly!' (Judges comments) Gateway 2019

Anatomy 2018

Anatomy 2018

Gateway 2019

Gateway 2019

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